Sea World

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Sea World is the last of the major theme parks on the Gold Coast that I needed to visit, so I was pretty excited about visiting and gaining two new coaster credits. Due to me being as excited as a child at christmas I was pretty rubbish at snapping pictures of the rides, sad times. 🙁

Sea World in Australia is very different from the SeaWorld’s that exist in America, their names are written differently, Sea World (Aus) vs SeaWorld (US) and they are not part of the same company. Therefore you will not find Shamu leaping out of the water and soaking crowds here in the land down under, as the park does not have any Orcas. The founder of Sea World Gold Coast stole the name from SeaWorld in 1973 as it wasn’t a registered trademark in Australia. This may have been a little awkward for the Ozzy park with the recent documentary “Blackfish” that caused quite a stir.

The first thing we did when we arrived was watch the Jet Stunt Extreme show, this was a pretty cool show. I didn’t take any photos, however I did shoot some video.

After the show we decided to head to see some animals. You are able to feed the rays (if you pay), we took a look and then headed over to stroke a starfish and fondle a sea cucumber. I felt a sea cucumber!


The main aquarium is pretty big and is home to the usual animals you would expect to see in a, well, aquarium. There are sharks

Big turtles

Some strange looking shark thing that I have forgotten the name of.

I swear this fish was trying to have a conversation with me

You can also pay to swim in the tank and feed the sharks

This is what the aquarium looks like above ground


We came accross an adventure rope course and I just couldn’t resist having a climb.

Spiderman eat your heart out 😛

The view from up top was pretty sweet. I can see the sea!

That yellow/white ball is one of the reasons I love Australia so much.

Time to hit some rides! This is Storm, its a pretty cool and decently themed watercoaster. It is however disappointingly short, but you do get rather moist!

Viking Revenge is another wet one

The lonely carousel that nobody wanted to ride 🙁

Look! There’s dolphins!!!

Diana was super excited about the length of this guys tusks!

Dolphins are amazing animals which is why I was looking forward to seeing the show “Imagine” so much, needless to say it was really neat and I thouroughly enjoyed it.

One of the cool tricks the dolphins perform involves jumping into the air, transforming into eels and flying around the park!

What goes up must come down.

Oohhh a bit of GIF action!

After Imagine we took a look at the polar bears. They look like typical ozzies to me, super chilled.

Next it was time to visit the penguins. Yay 😀 penguins :D. These guys are pretty cool. I don’t know what it is about penguins that makes them so cute

Just look at that ice! Reminds me of winter in the UK. Bbbbrrrrrrr

On the way out of the park we stopped by the dolphins to say goodbye. This little fella seemed super happy.

You could get pretty close to this guy

Had such a fun day at Sea World but like all good things it came to an end. What better way to end the day than a beautiful sunset? Everybody say goodbye to the big ball of warm happiness!


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