When arriving in Australia I made sure that I wasted no time with purchasing my theme parks passes. The Dreamworld World Pass includes entrance to Dreamworld, Whitewater World and also Skypoint.

Today was my first trip (of what will be many) to Dreamworld. Unfortunately I was slacking somewhat and left my iPhone in a locker so photos are pretty scarce.

The entrance to Dreamworld
Coomera / QLD / Australia - 8/4/14

It was pretty quiet inside the park, there was only about a 20 minuet queue for Tower of Terror 2. Both TOT2 and The Giant Drop use the same structure that can be seen in below
Coomera / QLD / Australia - 8/4/14

After hitting the rides we went to take a look at the animals the park has to offer. This here is the first real Koala that I saw in Australia.
Coomera / QLD / Australia - 8/4/14

Dreamworld also have a cool tiger show where the tigers do things like this…


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