Amazing Race!

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The Amazing Race was an event that was organised by Griffith Mates at the University. The idea is that you get sorted into teams with a bunch of people that you’ve not met before, then run around the city completing tasks.

This was a great way to met some new people and to learn my way around the city, visiting places I’d not yet been. Teams consisted of up to 6 people. Once the race started we were required to complete the stated task and submit photographic evidence to be judged. We were instructed to create a team name and a team flag that needed to be shown in the pictures. Our team name was The Falcons.


Sand angles!BIRU-WP-213.jpeg

Here we had to get a strangers autograph. BIRU-WP-214.jpeg



Human evolution. BIRU-WP-217.jpeg

Recreating the Titanic on the City Cat ferry.BIRU-WP-218.jpeg

Afternoon tea in the park.BIRU-WP-219.jpeg


Photo with a bearded man.BIRU-WP-221.jpeg

Human pyramidBIRU-WP-222.jpeg

Item for $1.99 exactly.BIRU-WP-223.jpeg

For this photo we all had to eat a tablespoon of Vegemite (it’s not very nice, like an awful version of Marmite)BIRU-WP-224.jpeg

Photo with a member of staff at central station.BIRU-WP-226.jpeg


Bottle treeBIRU-WP-228.jpeg





Surprisingly enough we finished first and in doing so won a kayaking experience along the brisbane river. Wooooo!BIRU-WP-225.jpeg

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